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Time schedule: Athletics time schedule

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IF Göta is host for the Athletics competition at Tingvalla IP, Regementsgatan 8. 

Baltic Sea Youth Games - If Göta LogoIF Göta Karlstad, one of Sweden’s most successful athletic sports club was founded in 1904. Over the years many athletes from our sport club have won medals at big championships. IF Göta conducts athletics, both for training and for competition on every level for everyone. The sport clubs also arrange events like Karlstad City Run and Karlstad Grand Prix among many others.


1. 80m
2. 300m
3. 800m
4. 2000m
5. 80m Hurdles
6. Long Jump
7. High Jump
8. Pole Vault
9. Shot Put
10. Javelin
11. 4x80m Relay


Swedish age specific rules which means:

  • 80m instead of 100m.
  • 80m hurdles instead of 100m hurdles
  • Boys – 80m hurdles – 84cm height, 13m to first, 8,50m between, total 8 hurdles.
  • Girls – 80m hurdles – 76.2cm height, 12m to first, 8,0m between, total 8 hurdles.
  • Shot Put – 4kg for boys and 3 kg for girls
  • Javelin – 600g for boys, 500g for girls
  • 4x80m relay instead of 4x100m


  • 1 girl and 1 boy/discipline per region/country
  • Age: 2004 – 2005


Important dates:
- December 2018: pre-registration
- February 2019: binding registration

More information about registration will come.

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Frida Bernhardsson
Project manager for the XI Baltic Sea Youth Games
E-mail: bsyg@karlstad.se

Please let us know!