Baltic Sea Youth Games

Baltic Sea Youth Games, BSYG, is a sports event with about 10-15 different sports. Countries and regions around the Baltic Sea join together to make it possible for young people to meet through sports. BSYG will be an opportunity for cultural exchange and a unique experience for the participants with focus on meeting new friends and to develop in their sport.

2019 the Baltic Sea Youth Games will be held in Karlstad in Sweden 5th of July – 7th of July. Karlstad is a city with almost 90 000 inhabitants at the top of lake Vänern. To find out more about the city, please visit:

Read more about the Games in Karlstad here: BSYG Karlstad

History of the games

The Baltic Sea Youth Games are held in every two years since 1999. The Games are an international and central competition for young athletes between 14 and 17 years old. Mostly there were competitions in 10-15 different sports. The inventor of the Games was the Landessportbund in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and they also was the first host for the Games.

The Games has been held in these cities:

1999               Schwerin (Germany)

2001               Rostock (Germany)

2003               Šiauliai (Lithuania)

2005               Szczecin (Poland)

2007               Neubrandenburg (Germany)

2009               Koszalin (Poland)

2011               Ljungbyhed (Sweden)

2013               Vyborg (Russia)

2015               Brandenburg (Germany)

2017               Brest (Belarus)

The Games is not only competitions, it is a social event with focus on bringing young people together, friendship, to learn about different culture and to visit new countries and cities.

Partners to the XI Baltic Sea Youth Games in Karlstad is Värmlandsidrotten, Karlstads Energi AB and Länsstyrelsen Värmland.


Karlstads energi


Important dates:
- December 2018: pre-registration
- February 2019: binding registration

More information about registration will come.

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Frida Bernhardsson
Project manager for the XI Baltic Sea Youth Games

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